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Lion Salon & Spa - Fight Dirty 2021 Fundraiser


Please help us reach our goal of $2000!

Lion Salon is running a campaign, FIGHT DIRTY WATER 2021. 100% of your donation brings clean water to people in need. Please consider joining Lion Salon to support charity:water.  100% of your donation goes to clean water!

Our owner made Shampure scented candles with mother of pearl fragments on top. The jars are up-cycled, made-in-Oklahoma, yogurt clay pots, all tied with a seeded butterfly to plant in our Earth. They are $12 each with all proceeds going toward charity:water.

We have a few other handmade items made by our talented staff, so pop in and check them out! We also have a bid book for services that our generous team have donated, so be sure to look this over next time you're in. We appreciate your support during this time and look forward to our fun fashion shows and happy hours again. HAPPY EARTH MONTH!

To make a donation, DONATE NOW
For more information about Charity Water, CLICK HERE!


Water bottles